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Final Presentation information:

Final Presentation Prompt: In what capacities are fuel cells being used today? What are the potential additional uses for the future? (Stationary, Transportation, and portable)

Large Stationary:

Includes: Grocery and Retail Establishments, Hospitals, Data Centers, Government Buildings, Corporate Sites, Wastewater Treatment Plants, Jails, Agricultural and Beverage Processing Facilities, and Breweries

Small Stationary:

Includes: Telecommunications, Residential and small commercial buildings

Portable Power:

Includes: Soldier power, Surveillance, Mobile Lighting, and Battery Chargers


includes: Passenger Vehicles, Buses, and Campers

In what capacities are fuel cells being used today?

Demand for fuel cells are rapidly increasing because of their high efficiency. Compared to internal combustion engines, fuel cells are extremely silent. Because of how quiet they are, they are perfectly suited for buildings like hospitals. Fuel cells can also eliminate pollution caused by burning fossil fuels. The fuel cell market is estimated to reach $5.20 billion, by 2019. But with all the benefits, In order or the fuel cell commercial market to exponentially grow, the government has to increase the fuel budgets of the departments of energy and transportation. Second, they have to start and lead in purchasing early power and unit vehicles. Lastly, they must continue to expand programs to help bring down the cost of the first units installed.