Mar 16-20: Reflection 5 due by first rotation next week. One reflection per partnership. Explain two or three problems you have encountered and how you solved them. Explain two or three things that have gone well and how they have helped you with the project of making a gear box. Problems and solutions can include technical issues as well as teamwork issues.

We have encountered a few problems with building of the gear box. We have solved this problem by understanding how it works and asking for help from our fellow students when we need it. A second problem was concentrating. Sometimes we would start talking about things irrelevant to the topic and we wouldn't get as much work done as we would have if we weren't talking. We solved this by always staying on topic and when ever one of us got of topic we would remind them about our goal. We had a very experienced with Kinects working at our table so if we had any problems we could ask them for help. We also can work together very well. We have never had and debate where we have not come to a compromise.