Reflection 1 - We need to make the gear box smaller so it will fit in the locker, the made it smaller by making it thinner in width so it can fit better and make it easier for the gears to fit. Then the pieces were unstable, then we tried to connect them with some knex pieces and it became more stable. What we did then is make the gears connecting to the gear box it worked for a while. Then we made the knex pieces connect a different way which worked way better

Reflection 2 - The gears wouldn't work as we tried many different pieces, we finally found a tan piece that would work with it and tried many different ways to work with it with the orange piece. Unfortunately the gear box wasn't stable again so what we did was put the knex pieces in a different order which made it way more stable so it wouldn't break if something happened to it.

Reflection 3 - If we have gears of 82 teeth and 14 teeth, the ratio would be 6:1, making the 14 teeth one go in a circle 6 times while the other gear with a teeth of 84 would turn only once. If we have gears of 82 teeth and 34 teeth, the ratio would be 3:1, making the one with 34 teeth go in a circle 3 times and the one with 82 teeth go once. And if we have gears of 34 teeth and 14 teeth, the ratio would be 2:1 making the 14 teeth one go in a circle 2 times, and the other gear with 34 teeth goes once.

Reflection 4 -
Arman: I think the technical drawing went well, the ratios were hard for me because i'm not really good at it, what I did was first figure out what it meant then I saw how many times it would go around to find how many times one gear would turn as you turn the other, then my partner thought it was difficult to match the parts, then he measured it to fix it.