Engineering Technology

Ania U and Teresa A

Reflection 6:
  1. Teresa was having a hard time making each side of the supports for our gear-box symmetrical. We thought that if each side is symmetrical it will look better and it might be stronger. So, to solve the problem we broke it down into steps. First find the right pieces. That put them in one at a time. And lastly check the placing. By the time class was over we finished that.
  2. Ania was finding a challenge it placing the gears correctly. Since we made our gear-box very compact, we did't have too much wiggle room. Ania's gentle fingers also were't strong enough to take the tan-colored clips on and off. To solve this problem, Teresa took most of the little clips off. And then Ania pre-spacred the gears and clips in her mind. It worked wit the first three gears! But, unfortunately we didn't have enough time to finish the last gear.
Good Things:
  1. While we were working on the structure. of the gear-box we needed a lot of pieces. So, Teresa would tell Ania what pieces to get. And Ania was like the messenger to retrive the pieces. That was one of the reasons that we got the structural supports done.
  2. This week we made a lot of decisions by reaching consensus. So, we were working well as a team.

Reflection 5:
  1. We are finding it a challenge to place the gears in the box. Even though we didn't start it was still challenging thinking about it. To solve this we will ask others for advice and of course try, try again.
  2. What caused us to "not get started" was that one of us didn't complete our reflection. So, thanks to Mrs. Jacobs that person was able to finish it. To solve this problem we will keep track of our Eng. Tech homework better through communication.
Good Things:
  1. Even though we said it was going to be difficult… We think it will also be really fun experimenting with new designs. We will welcome the challenge!
  2. Another good thing is our teamwork skills. They have always been good, but now they are better. And we don't have too many disagreements. Which in a way, can also be bad. But, it saves us a lot of time.

Reflection 4:
  1. One thing that I had trouble with during the technical drawing was lining up the gears. So, I would draw the small gear and then the large one. But, they would be off center so I had to re-do it again and again. I overcame that by measuring where the center was on the big gear and the lining its center up to the small gear's center. That really worked!
  2. Another difficulty that I had was spacing out the title box when we drew it. I am used to drawing lowercase, elegant letters. But here we had to do it like you showed us. So, to solve that problem I made a little tick mark for where each word would go. Once I started using that, I had no difficulty with the writing.
  1. One thing that i was having trouble with was the drawing because i couldn't draw the straight lines and i had to re draw the lines again.
  2. Another thing that was hard was to make sure everything lined up and to have the block letters and have them all in capital letters.

Reflection 3:
Here are our 3 ways to find the Mechanical Advantage:
  1. Find the circumference of both gears. Then decipher the ratio of the big gear to the small gear. Then you can divide to find the mechanical advantage.
  2. For every rotation of the large gear, find how many times the small gear rotates.
  3. Count the number of teeth on each gear. Then find the ration of teeth from large to small.

Reflection 2:
  1. At one point we had a biggish disagreement. Teresa wanted to do some last minute adjustments. Meanwhile Ania felt that it was safer to stick with the original sturdy structure. This occurred right at the start of clean up. We solved this problem by reaching a consensus of our structure is perfect just the way it is. So, we did't make the last minute adjustments.
  2. While building the cranks for the gear, we ran into the problem of not having a stiff enough crank. Our crank kept sliding and it was not good quality. We solved this problem when Mrs. Jacobs gave us a great suggestion of how to build it. Once we fixed it it was super stiff as our whole structure is.
Good Things:
  1. We have completed our gear box. This helps us because now we can relax since we have it done. We have made a good quality gear box, that we think is a great example for other's too.
  2. We both continue to cooperate well and efficiently. This helps us because we both can work in a two-some well, and we will be prepared for the second part of the project. We have different strengths so it will be interesting in the second part.

Reflection 1:
Our investigation has been going very well! We are almost done. All we have to do is add more triangles to the structure, and then of course test it out. I think that both of us are learning through this, too. So, to conclude this we have been working efficiently have almost completed a beautiful gear bow that meats the requirements.

  1. We are both novice builders, so it took a lot of tries before we finally got the perfect structure. Before we built what we have now we have constructed two other gear boxes. It sort of was a hassle to construct the perfect gear box after so many attempts. We solved this problem through trial and error and learning from our mistakes.
  2. Sometimes we take too many pieces of one kind of Kinex, and too little of another, so we don't know what to do with them. So, we initially have a "storage pile". It may not seem like a problem, but this causes: extension of clean up, and constant getting up and down. We solved this by only getting up when we absolutely need to. Also, Shin Be and Jacob (the team across from us) give us their excess pieces which is a really great help!

Good Things:
  1. We work exceptionally well together! Ania was in charge of the gear placement, and Teresa was in charge of the structural supports. It made a perfect balance! This helped us because it allowed us to work quicker without as many disagreements. We are glad that it is so.
  2. Our structure is looking really great! We know that we still need to work on it, but it will allow us to learn, and we already have a plan for how to construct it with the Kinex. This helps us because planning ahead is a skill that we will need in the future. Also, it is another thing that provides efficiency.