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Reflection 1

What went well: We were able to work well together. We tried many different ways to make the gearbox. At first we were totally lost and confused, then with experimenting, we were able to accomplish our ideas. If we didn't ever try, we would never know if it worked.

What was hard: Figuring out which K'nex went with each other. Trying to get the lever outside the gearbox was really difficult for us and we still have not accomplished this.We first had trouble making the wheels at least touch. Then, we figured out that if we put the wheels closer using other K'nex, then they would touch. Now that we have more experience, we know the basics of K'nex.

2nd Reflection

Two problems we faced were getting the gears to connect and communication. We solved those by connecting the gears by putting them closer. One thing that went well was finishing the project on time, even though Josie was not there for the first and second rotation. Another thing that went well was how well we worked together on the project.

3rd Reflection

Rotating the larger wheel to make the smaller wheel rotate will make the smaller wheel go faster. One rotation of the larger wheel equals more rotations of the smaller wheel. It requires more effort to rotate the larger wheel. When you turn the smaller wheel, it takes less effort to make the larger wheel rotate. Turn the smaller wheel fast to make the larger wheel turn with less effort. This is what we observed. The gear ratio will be the circumference of the first wheel to the circumference of the second wheel. The circumference is the perimeter of the gear's surface. This is what we predicted that the calculation would be.

4th Reflection

  • I found that drawing the center was a little hard. I overcame this by using a template to straiten the lines
  • Nothing was too hard, but the writing in all caps took me more time and was a little time consuming. I solved this by just dealing with the fact that it would take me time.

  • I found that finding the circumference for the circle was hard because we got the calculations wrong. To solve this problem, we went in and double checked everything that we did on our calculations.
  • The capital letters also effected me too, because I kept on writing lowercase letters. To fix this, I just remembered that I'll lose points if I write in lowercase writing.

5th Reflection

We had trouble finding the largest gear ratio. We still have not achieved this. We are trying to solve this by writing out different ideas and then crossing them out if they are wrong, so we don't repeat any mistakes. Another problem we faced was figuring out how large we had to make it in order to fit the size requirements. We solved this problem by simply looking at how large the locker was. A problem that we faced was finding the right pieces to build a successful gear box. We solved this by looking at our old gear box, and thinking of making the same one, but with smaller pieces.
One thing that went well was how well we worked together. We didn't force all the labor on one or the other, so the workload was fair. Something else that went well was getting the basis of the gearbox down, since we had already made the first one earlier. Having the workload fair helped us with the project because no one was pressured to do more or less, and we think that it was easier to get done faster instead of disagreeing. Getting the basis of the gearbox helped us because we could now understand which pieces went with which so that they work.

6th Reflection

Problems we faced
  • One problem we faced was getting the gears to fit next to each other and run.
  • Another problem that we faced was figuring out whether to use the yellow rods or the blue rods or the white rods.
How we solved the problems
  • We solved getting the gears to fit next to each other and run by, trying to fit different k'nex to get them to touch.
  • We figured out which rod to use by fitting each rod in, and seeing which ones would connect the gears.
One thing that went well
  • One thing that went well was having us agreeing on which rod to use, which helped us get more achieved in class. This helped us in the project of making the gearbox because if we had been disagreeing, then the time would have been wasted on just arguing and nothing would get done.