Reflection 1
Three Problems

-Our group's gear exploration's borders are to large. It has to much wasted space
-Are gears aren't as stable to meet the requirements
-Our 'exploration' won't fit in the lockers. We always have to shove it in damaged

Three Good

-Our gears are 90 degrees from each other which takes the model to the next level
-We are making supports so it's more robust
-Our group is working hard and also focused instead of fooling around

Reflection 2

-The project is going pretty well. The building of the gear box has been fun and entertaining. While building the base of the box, I learned a lot about adding gears and rods. How connections are important.
- One problem I had encountered was with length. When we used a red on the bottom and a yellow connecting piece and two blue pieces on the top, it was wobbly. We fixed this problem by making the bottom longer to fit all of the pieces and making them work. We wanted to make sure it would not break. Another problem we had encounter was teamwork. I was trying to make the structure more stable while my partner was trying to make it smaller. We disagreed on the size of our gear box. We fixed the disagreement by making the project smaller and by adding more supports.
-One thing that has gone well was staying silent in the classroom. Being silent helped create a positive atmosphere for us to do our work. Another thing that has gone well was that the project has not been lost or broken! This is a positive thing for us to have achieved.

Reflection 3

-Mark both gears with a pencil and count how many teeth the smaller gear has. After line up the two lines horizontally from each other and start rolling the smaller gear around the bigger gear and for each round the mark from the smaller gear is in contact with the bigger gear, count it as one. when the bigger gears mark is in contact with the smaller gear, then count how many times the smaller gears mark touched the bigger gears mark until the bigger gears mark touches the smaller gears mark.
-Put a measuring tape around each gear and divide the big gear and the smaller gear.
-Count the teeth of both gears and divide the big gear with the smaller gear.

Reflection 4

Alex's thought
My thought of the gear drawings we drew was pretty easy. At first I was super confused, then a
little bit later it super easy. The problem was that the gear I drew was to big. I could have make it a bit smaller. A good thing was that I covered all the rest of the information in there just enough of information to cover all the details. Overall I think I'm in good shape.

Reflection 4
Jane Thought...
A bad thing was the gear box was made a little too small; therefore, it did not work properly. How we fixed the problem was by not fixing it, we ran out of time and had to break it down. If we had the time, we could have fixed it by making it more stable and secure. Another bad thing was we disagreed on who was going to do the homework. It caused us to have some difficultly working together. Finally, the last bad thing was disagreeing on what side the gear box it would be. Unfortunately, it was the last day to work on the gear boxes so there was not a chance to fix our problem.
One good thing was that we worked very well at the beginning of the class. We were all in sync which allowed us to think we were done early.

Reflection 5
1. Making Gear box small while squeezing in gears
2. Designing the shape of Gear box

1. Doubling our the size of our first gear box and the gears that are in it
2. Making it a rectangle

Good Things
1. We got a good start because our base is all most done meaning after we are done making the gear box we can make changes on it
2. We're starting to build supports for the base to make it robust.

Reflection 6
1. Our gear box is becoming to big/we are eliminating all the extra space
2. Our gear box has to move some gears to move because some are not touching each other/We will have to take the all the gears out and move them around

Good Thing
1. Since we are using black squares it makes it look more organized, our team is working really well.